St. Moses the Black (The Ethiopian) Print

Saint Moses the Black (The Ethiopian)
Desert Father
Feast Day: August 28
Patronage: Africa, forgiveness, nonviolence
This fine art portrait is ready to frame.  8x10" and 11x14” are printed on acid-free, 80 lb. cardstock. Posters 16x20” and larger are printed on premium 8mil matte poster paper. All prints are printed with archival inks. The watermark will not appear on your print.
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Saint Moses the Black was an Ethiopian with great physical strength, who traveled to Egypt for adventure but got a lowly servant job. Dissatisfied with this, he turned to robbery and terrorizing the villages on the Nile. Before authorities could arrest him, he fled to a Coptic Orthodox Monastery and eventually had a conversion and became a monk. When thieves attacked the monastery, he captured them, showing pity. The thieves then too became monks.  After years of humbly preaching forgiveness, he was killed trying to protect the monastery, but not before he saved 70 brother monks.

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