St. Vitus Print

Saint Vitus
c.290 - c.303 
Feast Day: June 15
Patronage: actors, dancers, comedians, epileptics, dogs, and against oversleeping, snake bites, storms, animal attacks, lightning and Saint Vitus Dance (Chorea).

This fine art portrait, printed on acid-free, 80 lb. cardstock, with archival inks, is ready to frame. The watermark will not appear on your print.

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Saint Vitus, the son of a pagan Sicilian, became a Christian along with his tutor and nurse at the age of 12. When his father found out he had them arrested and tortured. Legend has it that an angel freed them from prison and they fled to Rome. While there, Vitus exorcised a demon from Emperor Diocletian’s son. When Vitus wouldn’t sacrifice to the pagan gods, they attributed it to sorcery and threw him in a pot of boiling oil, along with a rooster (as part of a ritual agianst sorcery). The rooster became a symbol for Vitus, making him the patron against oversleeping. He was martyred in Lucania, Italy and is one of the 14 Holy Helpers.

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