St. Ansgar Framed Art


Saint Ansgar (Anskar)
801 - 865
Feast Day: February 3
Patronage: Scandinavia, Sweden, Denmark, Hamburg and Bremen, Germany
This fine art print is professionally framed with a quality hardwood frame under non-glare acrylic. Choose from a walnut colored stain (dark wood) or speckled maple colored stain (light wood)Our frames are handcrafted from start to finish in the USA. Wall mount. A beautiful addition to any home.
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Saint Ansgar, the “Apostle of the North" was born in France. He entered the Benedictine Order and went to Denmark to evangelize pagan Scandinavia.  He was made Archbishop of Hamburg in 831 and Archbishop of Bremen in 854 and began missionary work in Germany, Sweden and Denmark. He built the first Catholic church in Sweden. In the 13 years that he struggled to convert these countries, he had some success. He was an extraordinary preacher, a humble ascetic and was devoted to the poor and sick.  He died peacefully in Bremen in 865.