St. Augustine of Hippo Framed


 Saint Augustine of Hippo
Doctor of the Church
354 - 430 
Feast Day: August 28
Patronage: brewers, printers, theologians
A beautiful portrait of Saint Augustine of Hippo. This fine art print is professionally framed with a quality hardwood frame under non-glare acrylic. Choose from a walnut colored stain (dark wood) or speckled maple colored stain (light wood)Our frames are handcrafted from start to finish in the USA. Wall mount. A beautiful addition to any home. 
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St.  Augustine, Bishop of Hippo and Doctor of the Church, was the son of Saint Monica. He was raised a Christian, but lost his faith in youth and led a wild life. He lived with a woman from the age of 15 through 30 and fathered a son. After investigating and experimenting with several philosophies, he became a Manichaean but was converted by the prayers of his mother and the help of Saint Ambrose of Milan, who baptized him. He then spent the remainder of his life doing great things. His later thinking can be summed up in a line from his writings: "Our hearts were made for You, O Lord, and they are restless until they rest in You."