St. Dominic Print

  Saint Dominic
1170 - 1221 
Feast Day: August 8
Patronage: Astronomers, astronomy, Dominican Republic, falsely accused people
This fine art portrait, printed on acid-free, 80 lb. cardstock, with archival inks, is ready to frame. The watermark will not appear on your print.

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Dominic was a Spanish priest and founder of the Dominican Order. He is the patron saint of astronomy and science, a reflection of his lifelong love of learning and teaching. When Dominic was baptized as a baby, his mother reportedly saw a star shining from his chest. In portraits he is often depicted with a star shining on or above his head. And although there is no evidence that St. Dominic ever studied astronomy himself, this aspect of scientific learning was well known when St. Dominic attended university, and it's certainly possible that he was exposed to the mysteries of the heavens.