St. José Luis Sánchez del Río Framed


Saint José Luis Sánchez del Río
Feast Day: February 10
This fine art print is professionally framed with a quality hardwood frame under non-glare acrylic. Choose from a rich mahogany colored stain (dark wood) or speckled maple colored stain (light wood)Our frames are handcrafted from start to finish in the USA. Wall mount. A beautiful addition to any home.
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Saint Jose Sanchez del Rio lived during the turbulent Catholic persecution in Mexico, by the Calles government, called the Cristero War. St. Jose had a love for Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Blessed Sacrament. He pleaded to be a Cristero at the young age of 13 and was finally allowed. During a fierce battle, the general’s horse was shot in which Jose, gave him his own horse. This cost him his life. He was captured and imprisoned. Jose’s captures ordered him to renounce his faith, but with courage he would not, yelling “Viva Cristo Rey and Long live Our Lady of Guadalupe". He died after being tortured, without a trial, at 14 years old. In 2016, Jose was canonized.