St. Theodore of Amasea Framed


Saint Theodore of Amasea (Theodore the Recruit)
Died 306
Feast Day: November 9
Patronage: Brindisi, recovery of lost items, against storms, soldiers
This fine art print is professionally framed with a quality hardwood frame under non-glare acrylic. Choose from a rich mahogany colored stain (dark wood) or speckled maple colored stain (light wood)Our frames are handcrafted from start to finish in the USA. Wall mount. A beautiful addition to any home.
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Saint Theodore was a new recruit for the Roman army when an edict was issued that all soldiers participate in pagan worship. St. Theodore refused and was jailed for a short time. This gave him time to contemplate the evils of paganism and after he was freed he set fire to the pagan temple of Cybele. He was then tortured and burned alive. St. Gregory of Nyssa preached about his intercession in battle thus he became known as the dragon-slayer and warrior saint and was adopted as the patron of the crusaders.