Marthe Robin Framed


Venerable Marthe Robin

This fine art print is professionally framed in a quality hardwood frame under non-glare acrylic. Choose from a walnut colored stain (dark wood) or speckled maple colored stain (light wood)Our frames are hand crafted from start to finish in the USA. Wall mount. A beautiful addition to any home.  

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Martha Robin was a French mystic, victim soul, and stigmatist. She was an ordinary farm girl until 1918 when she suffered from lethargic encephalitis that left her a quadriplegic. From 1930 onwards, unable to eat or drink, her only food was the Eucharist for 50 years. In 1930 she also received the stigmata and relived Christ’s Passion every week. In 1940 she was asked to also make the sacrifice of her eyesight in expiation for the sins of the world. She had visions of the Virgin Mary and Our Lord for sixty years. More than 100,000 people consulted her for spiritual advice and she brought about many conversions.